4 Questions to Ask Industrial Shed Builders Before Going Ahead With A Project

The process of building an industrial shed can be a tiresome one, and you may just want to get the ball rolling on your shed building journey as soon as possible. But in your haste, you may forget to ask a few very important questions before giving your industrial shed builders the big thumbs up.

If you are getting any shed built, you should definitely ask the following questions!

What Is Your Shed Building Experience?

You’ll definitely want to be going with an industrial shed builder that has enough experience in building sheds.

Having experience in building the exact same type of shed that you are in the market for is also a must. Keep in mind when shopping for builders that you are more than entitled to ask for testimonials, case studies, and proof of previous experience, before going ahead with a project.

What Materials Do You Use?

Knowing what materials the industrial shed builders use will give you an idea of what the end product will look like, as well as how strong the shed will be.

Respectable industrial builders should use high-quality materials such as stainless steel, timber and concrete to ensure that you have a robust shed that will be able to handle the intense weather conditions of Australia at the end of the day.

What Accreditation Do You Have?

Asking about accreditation should allow you to separate the reliable industrial shed builders from the shady and inexperienced ones. A SHEDSAFE™ certification should be the answer that you’re looking for because SHEDSAFE™ definitely sets the standard when it comes to the regulation of safe shed construction.

Is There Any Warranty On The Shed?

It is best to know the details of any warranties on the shed and labour from the very beginning. Ask about the duration and what exactly the warranty covers.

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